The Project

Behind every successful activity there is always a project. For us it is so important that we even wanted to underline it in the name: MX Novara Project.

Certainly it is an ambitious project, but as with all work plans that look far ahead, it is a matter of having clear ideas, putting effort into it and advancing one step at a time. We have already begun.

The present

We started with the modification of the track, widening it at various points and shortening the straight to make it safer and predisposed to higher category homologations. At the same time we wanted to respect the characteristics of this historic track, rather technical and as they say “old style”.The fact of having a hill available has certainly helped us to find a varied, demanding conformation but also suitable for all riders and all bikes. You can have fun in complete safety, regardless of the vehicle you intend to use, from minicross to maximum displacement.

We started from the unification of the property, with further acquisition of land to allow a larger space to the structures and for future developments.

Compared to the basic route, we intervened by strengthening the irrigation system and reviewing the drainage of water to facilitate drainage. We are expanding the pilot fleet and we have provided for a thorough cleaning of the entire area. To a careful eye, these interventions will certainly not have gone unnoticed.

Of course we have equipped ourselves with some means for maintenance, a tractor and an excavator with relative equipment that allows us to keep the track in good order and face any unexpected event independently.

Finally, we decided not only to be present on social networks but also with a website that will be our official voice and with which we want to keep off-road enthusiasts informed about our activities and establish contact with them.

The Future

Especially when dreams are ambitious, it would be more prudent not to reveal them to the end, even if only for superstition.However, we want to reveal that our passion and determination will not be limited to the realization of a simple restyling of the track and the completion of beautification operations.

We have invested a lot in this activity, not only economically and we promise to see realized, over the years, everything we have in mind. The road is uphill but we like the climbs … And soon they will be followed by descents!

For now we can say that it is our intention to create a meeting point for sportsmen but also for simple enthusiasts. If you love off-road this will be your home.

In the meantime, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work!