Registration Request Moto Club

    (And obtaining a competitive license)

    The Moto Club MX Novara adheres to the Italian Motorcycle Federation and the Italian Social Sports Association – National Motorcycling Sector therefore, through the Moto Club, it is possible to request membership to one or both sports bodies.

    If you wish to make the membership in Mx Novara for the year 2021, fill out the request below with your data. We will immediately send you the form or forms to fill out – FMI, ASI or both – and we will provide you with all the instructions for obtaining any competitive or non-competitive license, if required.

    The form can also be used at a later time for sending communications relating to membership or for the transmission of any documentation for the purpose of obtaining the competitive license, or non-competitive.

    The payment of the amount, depending on the card or cards requested, can be made by clicking on the button below “Pay with PayPal”.

    IMF ordinary member: 50€
    ASI member: 15€
    IMF + ASI member: 65€

    Alternatively, you can make a bank transfer to:

    A.S.D. Mx Novara – Conto corrente n. 1000/176530 at Intesa SanPaolo Filiale centralita TER S (55000) • Via Paolo Ferrari, 10 – 20121 Milano

    IBAN: IT67Y0306909606100000176530

    You can pick up your card on the track, together with the gift provided.

    The amount relating to obtaining the competitive license, or non-competitive, if requested, will instead be communicated to you by email, depending on the type chosen.
    In case of any doubt or special needs regarding the payment method, do not hesitate to call the number 339 2410657 and we will provide you with all the necessary clarifications.