Calendar 2022

As proof that the initiative of last January was not an isolated episode, here we are to announce again this year the photographic calendar of Mx Novara for the year 2022. The second since we settled in Fara Novarese: we are starting to make this appointment a custom.

We have been working on it for months to be able to offer you a complete and well-kept product. In fact, we decided to include many more photographs of the drivers on the track, 280, compared to 38 in the previous version and consequently we have increased the number of pages that are now 26.

This is not the usual advertising calendar but a product made on a graphic project specially designed and printed in generous sizes and in limited edition on quality coated paper. It is destined to become a pleasant memory for years to come and cannot be missing in your garage.

Delivery took place on or after 2 November.

Unfortunately, the increase in costs that we have incurred due to the increase in pages does not allow us to pay homage to him so, reluctantly, we ask for a modest contribution of only € 7.50 for each copy to partially cover the expenses. It will be worth it!