An old-fashioned track, technical and cared for with attention and passion

Behind every successful activity there is always a project. For us it is so important that we even wanted to underline it in the name: MX Novara Project.

Only passion pushed us to embark on this adventure. It goes without saying that we are passionate. Our past as riders, make us better understand what the visitors of a motocross track want.

Founded in 2017, it is composed almost exclusively of passionate practitioners. It is affiliated to the Italian Motorcycle Federation and ASI Italian Sports and Social Associations.

The motocross track of Fara Novarese dates back to 1974 when a group of enthusiasts who gravitated around the historic Piergiorgio Borgia salon gathered for some challenges on an improvised track in a forest near the village.

The plant is located in the municipality of Fara Novarese (Novara) and is easily accessible from the provincial road 20 that connects Fara to Barengo.

We want to establish contact with enthusiasts, practitioners and not, so communication and information are a priority for us.

Know It !

Track Record

The best times, divided by type of license. Try it yourself!

Track Plan

The track is 1317 meters long, has a minimum width of 5.5 meters and consists of 14 curves, 6 on the right and 8 on the left, and 8 jumps.

Track Lap

If you don’t want to do it first on foot, here is the lap of the track in images.

Track Manager

The Track Manager, Ulderico Fattore, participated in the Training Seminar organized by the FMI on December 5, 2019.


View and download the Track Organization and Manager Rules, established by the Italian Motorcycle Federation.

Next Event

Here you will find all the information related to the events organized by us.

MX Novara Project